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30 Days Wild – Days 9-14

Making time for moments of wildness in the everyday…

Cloud watching in the park…

Rescuing a frog from our naughty cats…

Going for a 5k run in the rain and pausing to admire the wild flowers and learn about some local species of trees and wildlife…


Watching heavy rain while wrapped in a blanket…


And relax…is there anything nicer than a quiet cup of coffee in the garden after a long day at work?!


30 Days Wild – Day 8

My morning was spent pottering about in the garden – tidying up, hanging out laundry and generally just enjoying the benefit of the beautiful weather. Our beautiful cat, Luna, came to keep me company and I gave her a good groom as her heavy winter coat is shedding loads right now. She purred happily, adoring the attention and we left her fur on some branches for the birds to use for building their nests.

The sound of the bees busy at work was so lovely and kicking back and appreciating the blue sky and heat from the comfort of my own garden was a real treat.


The afternoon was busy once the children returned from school. I walked to the shops with my youngest who enjoyed smelling plants along the way. We planted some flowers into an old vegetable rack I had lying in the garage, did some feet painting, kicked the football, did homework, played ping-pong, had dinner outside and basically just enjoyed some family fun outdoors. The kids loved running around in their bare feet, getting dirty, rolling in the grass and having lots of laughs. We could get used to this weather!


Now, as the sun gets lower in the sky, the birds are still chatting to one another, it sounds like they are discussing their wild day too!

30 Days Wild – Day 6

On returning home from work this evening I was greeted by my youngest son proudly showing off his drawing of a spider’s web he had done after school. He had found the web on a plant in our garden and wanted to sketch it!


After being indoors all day it was a welcome treat to be handed a cup of coffee and told to go sit in the garden and relax for a while! I watched my husband and boys played football and the neighbour’s kitten even came to say hello. She likes playing in our patch of long grass and pretending to hunt my toes.


After tea we did some bug hunting and watched a spider catch and eat its supper – the kids were intrigued by this.

Once the kids were all tucked up in bed, stories read and lights out it was still lovely and warm outside so I decided to repot a tomato plant that a friend had given me. I planted it in a sweet little colander I found in a charity shop and I’m quite pleased with the result. Fingers crossed that it bears fruit because my oldest son is tomato mad!