Welcome to Every Treasure – a family blog about our out and about adventures here in Northern Ireland and beyond as well as some musings on parenthood and life in general.

My name is Kelly and I’m a 36-year old Mum to 3 boys and wife to Trevor for almost 15 years. How time flies! Originally, many moons ago, I trained to be a journalist, then left my job as a newspaper reporter to stay at home full-time to raise my family, something I am so delighted I had the opportunity to do. I then ran a small craft business where I was able to put into practice my love for making things, and now I am working part-time again for a local cancer charity while studying for my Degree in English Language and Literature.

Writing is one of my main passions in life, it’s something that I have done since I was able to read and write and my trusty old typewriter was no stranger to poems about ponies and wild adventure stories. I think I still have them somewhere, I must hunt them out…

My love for words, language, communication and ‘the story’ behind the scenes has never left me and so a few years ago I created Every Treasure as a space to explore writing once again and to document our family trips into the Mourne Mountains and around Northern Ireland and was delighted to make it as finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2018.

The great outdoors, nature, wildlife and all that is encompassed by that including fitness, wellbeing, self-care, nurturing, creativity, exploring, risk-taking, mindfulness, walking, sustainability and care for the environment are really important to me and will always shine through in my writing I hope. Getting out into the mountains as a family is so vital for us and something we endeavour to do as often as possible. It makes us come alive, bond and appreciate this amazing thing called life!

I occasionally also write about my life living with the chronic illness, Endometriosis, and how it affects me in relation to my life as an outdoorsy, adventure-loving Mum. I try so hard to find the positive in everything, to not get bogged down by negativity even when the going gets tough and I truly believe that ‘every cloud has a silver lining’; the inspiration behind the name of this blog!

I hope that you enjoy visiting my blog and call by again. You are very welcome here and I love receiving comments, so please feel free to say ‘Hi’! It is my heart’s passion that in reading my features about our wild times that you too will be inspired to spend more time in nature. The benefits of time outdoors, reconnecting with the natural world, with ourselves and with one another are too numerous to list, but they are all good, and I promise, you will never be disappointed by time spent having fun exploring, getting dirty and tuning into nature’s bountiful gifts.