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Welcome to Every Treasure – a blog about mine and my family’s outdoor adventures here in beautiful Northern Ireland and beyond as well as some musings on parenthood and my solo adventures and challenges.

My name is Kelly and I’m a 38-year old Mum to 3 boys and wife to Trevor for 16 years. I am passionate about sharing my love for the great outdoors in my writing here on the blog and write regularly for other blogs and magazines on this topic.

In 2019 I created Wild Women Events – a community for women who want to get back to basics, explore more and make meaningful connections in their lives. I’ve written many times on my blog over the years about the importance of outdoor time in my life. For me personally, having suffered with postnatal depression, living with a chronic illness and having endured several injuries including a dislocated pelvis and severe nerve damage in my shoulder, nature, and particularly walking, have been instrumental in my healing and recovering and is a major self-supportive tool that is my first port of call when the going gets tough.

I created Wild Women Events after a long time wondering how to share my journey and story with others as well as the many benefits I have discovered in becoming more connected to nature. It is my passion to see women grow in freedom, joy, self-confidence, creativity and abundance through spending time in nature; exploring, getting back to basics and having fun together. My heart is to see a strong community of women develop that can support each other through the highs and lows of life. Wild Women Events are organised hikes and creative get-togethers that aim to inspire and connect women. They are welcoming and non-judgemental. They present an opportunity to roam, laugh and be wild and free. To leave feeling nourished, refreshed and supported.

What do I offer at Wild Women Events?

. Wild Women Wanders – small-group, taster hikes for beginners or those wanting to walk as part of a group .

. Wild Women Creatives – inspiring, outdoor get-togethers with a theme of creativity at their core .

. Wild Women Wellbeing – think yoga, forest walks, beach picnics and all things restorative .


Wild Women Challenge .

Read this beautifully written article by Annette from Four Acorns to see what it’s really like to come along to a Wild Women Event: Wild Women Wander in the Mournes.

I hope you can join me soon for a wild adventure & please get in touch if you’d like to hear more.



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