It’s not every day you’re invited to go for a walk in your favourite place with Clare Balding. So, when an email came through asking me if I’d like to take her for a wander in the Mournes to record an episode for the BBC Radio 4 show ‘Ramblings’ I just knew I had to say “yes” to the opportunity despite it feeling very scary!

Our conversation was aired for the first time on 26th May, a month after we recorded it, and I can honestly say I am very proud of how it sounded.

As I guided Clare and show producer Karen Gregor along a beautiful trail in the Happy Valley I got to show off the beautiful Mourne Mountains that have been so hugely integral to my life story and specifically my wellbeing.

I also had the opportunity to share some of my personal journey of recovery and healing, my experience of motherhood, growing my vibrant community at Wild Women Events, as well as how I came to write the first draft of my book and lots more besides.

It was vulnerable and exhilarating all at once, a really positive experience and a great honour to showcase some of Northern Ireland’s wild side. And, as you can see from the blue skies in the photos, the weather was unbelievably kind for Clare and Karen’s visit to the wonderful Kingdom of Mourne.

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If you missed the show you can listen to it on BBC Sounds now by following this link. Also, if you listen right to the end you get to hear Clare Balding laugh at me when I fall over mid-chat!


  1. Fantastic podcast everyone I have spoken to who have listened said you came across really well and so informative about the wonderful mournes looking forward to your next post love dad x


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