Wild Women Events is supporting “wild” places and spaces…


“Frankly, at this point, I consider imagining the future in a positive way an act of immense courage, of resistance, of rebellion.”

– Rob Hopkins, From What Is to What If.

Wild Women Events has from day one always been about connection. Connection with self. Connection with others. Connection with the earth. When you join a Wild Women Event you are participating in change both within and without. I’ve seen the changes in your heart and in your mind. I’ve seen the growth of your self-belief and the increase in your energy. I’ve seen the sparkle in your eyes and the realisation that things can be done differently. That life can be lived differently, that it can be fun and meaningful. Light-hearted and carefree whilst simultaneously deep and profound. I’ve been affected too! I feel more connected to my own power and purpose than ever. I’m enjoying the gorgeous new friendships SO much and my passion to see this small business make a positive difference in the world has been well and truly fanned into flame.

As of last month I’ve been setting aside £1.00 from every ticket sold for a Wild Women Event to donate to causes that are caring for our wild places – think rewilding, restoring, repurposing and you get the picture! For the month of May £70 went directly to the Woodland Trust – 70 beautiful women who hiked with me are represented which makes my heart flutter and sing. We all know that it’s the small changes in our day and daily that make the real and lasting differences in our lives so while this may not seem like a huge amount of money, it embodies so much more than that. It symbolises our hope of a better, brighter, doing things differently, joy-filled, connected future…

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