Product Review – Isobaa Merino Blend Trainers

Over the past few weeks my husband, Trevor, has been lucky enough to be trying out the lovely new Isobaa Merino Blend Trainers. He opted for the size EUR42 in the smoke colour-way, which were kindly gifted by Isobaa, as they looked like they would team up really well with most colours that he normally wears and was really pleased with how they appeared upon their very quick arrival.

This casual trainer designed by the team at Isobaa really appealed to us not merely because of its simple good looks but also because of its eco-credentials, making it easier as a consumer to make more considered purchases. The Merino Blend Trainer is made from non-mulesed Merino and a recycled polyester knitted upper and interestingly, the mid-sole uses BLOOM foam made from algae – who knew? – while the heel and insole are also made from recycled materials.

So, with all the technical detail out of the way, what did we actually think of them?

We tested them out around the Ards Peninsula in Northern Ireland one day and Trevor likened them to wearing a glove on his foot! The trainers are true to size and the clever design is so light, flexible and snug making them extremely comfortable to wear all day long with ease and suitable for anyone with an active lifestyle.

We wandered along rocky coves and over the beach meaning the trainers did get wet but they dried out again extremely quickly making us think they’re the ideal trainers for summertime here in Northern Ireland when you need something in-between your usual trainer and a flip-flop!

While the trainers certainly delivered in terms of performance and comfort they also look really smart. They looked great with trousers but I envisage them looking equally stylish with shorts during the warmer weather and being machine washable is an added bonus too, especially if you choose to skip on the sock-front. In true Isobaa-style the trainers look simple and stylish but also do the job so well. Last year I reviewed some of Isobaa’s gorgeous clothing which you can read about here: Isobaa Clothing Review and I cannot fault anything we have so far tried out – the quality is top-notch, everything wears and washes so well (and I’m extremely hard on my clothes!) and I don’t go on any of my outdoors adventures without a pair of Isobaa Socks on my feet! The difference a decent pair of socks makes is unbelievable and something I rave about far too much, but many of my hiking group have switched their sock choice as a result and definitely feel the comfort and benefit of investing in some quality socks.

The Merino-Blend trainer that Trevor tried out will undoubtedly feature heavily as a staple in his summer wardrobe as they’re super comfortable, stylish, easy to wear and will team-up with pretty much any outfit he chooses, from daytime at the beach through to evening time drinks on the coast – it’s that low-key, low-fuss vibe that makes Isobaa’s gear so brilliant and appealing to us – less time thinking about what to wear, more time for adventure and doing the things you love – that’s our kind of style!

One thought on “Product Review – Isobaa Merino Blend Trainers

  1. This we post is great always like the isobaa gear you and Trevor have worn in the past as you say great to wear great to look at and great value for money
    Looking forward to your next post.
    Love dad x


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