Wild Places to Visit – Northern Ireland – Redburn Country Park

Redburn Country Park, located close to Holywood in County Down, Northern Ireland is one of my favourite places to wander all year round. It is a gorgeous spot with plenty of meandering trails, beautiful views across Belfast Lough and with its ever-changing colour palette throughout the year, somewhere that continues to inspire me.

During springtime, a wander through Redburn is akin to stepping into the pages of a fairy-tale. Carpeted in bluebells it is awash with that glorious colour that puts a spring in your step and brings a smile to your face even on the dreariest of days. I took a morning stroll there with my dog recently and what had been planned as a quick walk to stretch the legs ended up being several hours leisurely dandering and enjoying the beauty all around us – some things you just can’t rush!

If you plan to visit Redburn Country Park, make the most of your day out and bring a picnic to enjoy from the picturesque viewing point. There’s lots of space for little ones to run around and play while you enjoy a brew with a view and a chance to catch your breath after the steep uphill climb (well worth it!).

When visiting Redburn Country Park do keep in mind the Leave No Trace principles.

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