Wild Places to Visit – Northern Ireland – Causeway Coastal Route

My husband is a Ballycastle-man born and bred and when we were first married we lived on the North Coast of Northern Ireland so it naturally feels like a second home to us and yet never ceases to blow our minds with its beauty anytime we visit.

Trips to the north coast have been way less frequent over the past year or so with the covid restrictions so a recent trip to walk a gorgeous stretch of the Causeway Coastal route was long overdue and also very well-timed as we ended up being there on the most glorious spring day.

We departed from Portballintrae along Runkerry Beach, before following the cliff path all the way to the Giant’s Causeway, the world-famous visitor attraction. The sunshine made for a sweltering trek so we really took our time and stopped lots to lie in the long grass to recuperate and enjoy the views. We explored caves and played in the sand dunes and made the most of the superb weather.

On the return to the car via the beach once more I stripped to my underwear and ran into the wild waves of the Atlantic. We had come across a beautiful, quiet stretch of beach after our scorching hot hike and my three boys really wanted to swim but we didn’t have any swimming gear with us. So, not letting that stop us, I seized the opportunity, pulled off my clothes and ran… within minutes they were close behind me, jumping waves and shrieking delightedly at the spontaneity of it all! Now… I have wobbly bits, lumps n’ bumps, cellulite, saggy bits and jeepers me, a pelvic floor that isn’t what it once was after birthing three children, but I love the saying ‘dance like nobody is watching’ so off I went, loving life and enjoying being in the moment.

As we drove home after a glorious sunset, covered in sand and sweat but oh-so content, it occurred to me that while I do want to dance like nobody’s watching I also want to live my life like the people I love and care about most in this world are indeed watching… that they learn from me to lay aside their inhibitions and insecurities, that they seek beauty and experience over conformity and must-dos, that they take each opportunity life presents them with and that they live life by their own rules making the most of it all… wild and free, enjoying and caring for our beautiful earth.

What a fab day!

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One thought on “Wild Places to Visit – Northern Ireland – Causeway Coastal Route

  1. Brilliant post how could anyone not fall for the causeway Coast has to be one of my favourite places have to say amazing pictures of such a beautiful area of our we country. Ove dad xx

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