Solo Mini-Adventures

It can be hard in busy modern-living to find the time to do some of the things you love. As a self-employed Mum of 3 I could easily spend every hour of every day working on growing my business or keeping a full family home in order. When my kids were very small I used to spend many hours attempting to keep my house ‘ship-shape’ while working part-time at the expense of my own mental health, but, as the years have gone on, my kids have gone off to school, my small business ‘ Wild Women Events’ is blossoming well and I try as often as I can to leave aside the ‘must-dos’ and go off in search of my own adventures!

In all honesty, it doesn’t take much to excite me in terms of solo-adventuring – hills to hike, views to savour and a flask of good strong coffee tends to be all I really need to have a few hours of fun by myself – can’t beat a bit of escapism into the mountains to clear the head and get the heart-rate pumping. It does the mind and body the world of good to go off exploring and if like me you’re often short on time, small pockets of opportunity early in the day or later in the evening are kind of ideal times to slot in some time to play.

Breakfast Tine by the river – pure bliss!

You don’t even really have to go all that far to incorporate some ‘wild time’ into your schedule, in fact, the closer to home the better, less time driving equals more time to explore and fewer car emissions impacting the environment. I live in Northern Ireland so I truly am spoilt for choice when it comes to forests, public gardens, beaches, mountains, riverside trails, nature reserves and lakeside walks so never have a shortage of places to visit – the only difficulty might be deciding which one to choose!

All I would suggest is that wherever you go, you allow your curiosity to lead you… pause to look at things, wander along the lesser travelled pathways and see what you can discover, the child within us wants to run wild and free so why not let it before going back to the serious business of work and adulting – life is too short not to do the things you love in my opinion. I spent way to long trying to be the grown-up I thought I was expected to be and it only made me miserable, better to just follow your heart and live life in a way that makes you feel full and alive.

I totally understand as woman speaking that often going off on your own to explore, especially into remote places or difficult terrain that it can be accompanied by fear or concern for your own personal safety, be wise in this, make sure someone close to you knows your plans and that you can get in touch with them if necessary – you have nothing to prove, this is about enjoyment and creating some headspace in an overwhelming world, not breaking world records, unless that’s your thing, then by all means go for it! Create an adventure that suits your personality, of course I am not saying you shouldn’t test your comfort zone, but know your own boundaries and limits. and have an enjoyable and memorable experience (for all the right reasons!).

I can think of nothing more blissful than leisurely strolling along a mountain trail, pausing to perch against a boulder for a cup of coffee and drinking in the views. There doesn’t even need to be a summit goal in mind, I simply enjoy being in the presence and beauty of creation and alone with my own thoughts, listening to the hum of nature and checking in with what my own body is telling me – if you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for?! Off you go.

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One thought on “Solo Mini-Adventures

  1. Love your latest post and the pictures are awesome as you say we have so much around us in our we country to exploring enjoy every minute looking forward to your next post.

    Love dad x

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