Product Review – Modibodi Vegan Bikini Period Pants

After writing the blog post Periods and the Outdoors towards the end of last year it had so many views…I was surprised to see how much it was read, but at the same time wasn’t really…it clearly resonated with so many outdoorsy-loving wild women who have to deal with periods while out and about and I was more than delighted to have the opportunity to chat with so many ladies who contacted me to talk about my ‘Game Changer’Modibodi Period Pants. I can’t praise these undies highly enough and the lovely team over at Modibodi picked up on my enthusiasm to share the love for their life-altering period underwear so much so that they sent me some bikini-style pants from their Vegan Collection to try-out.

Now, first things first…I wear the Modibodi pants that I’ve bought myself whenever I am hiking in the mountains or out for a long-day adventure whether I am on my period or not, true story. I simply love the peace of mind that they offer me and also can I just say, they are SO comfortable to wear! They genuinely are made of lovely soft fabric and I feel good about myself when I have them on and you know, that is important! They make me feel empowered, like I can take on anything I choose, and for me personally, that’s quite a big deal having dealt with so many issues around my period over the years. High praise indeed for a pair of knickers!

The pants I was gifted from the Vegan Collection are created using an alternative to wool which is equally absorbent, meaning you can explore in the wilderness all day long and until your heart is full knowing that you will be protected. One of the main concerns people getting in touch with me seemed to have when considering period underwear is that the pants might smell once they’ve absorbed blood, but, with Modibodi’s breathable Modifier Technology you can rest assured that there will be no foul odour to contend with – I promise you!

As well as doing the job they’re designed to do, in Modibodi’s own words created ‘by real people with leaking bodies’, they are also extremely comfortable and look really pretty too. They’re fuss-free, silky-soft, easy to rinse and wash and dry really quickly, leaving more time for you to plan your outdoor expeditions and less time worrying about bothersome pads and tampons or what you’ll do if your period products let you down – and let’s face it we’ve all been there and it’s not fun when you have access to a bathroom, never-mind stranded up a hill somewhere! And while we’re on the topic of period products, by choosing period underwear as an alternative to disposable items you are also choosing the health of our planet as there will be much fewer pads, liners and tampons being disposed of and taking thousands of years to decompose – win win in my opinion!

I only wish these pants had existed when I was a teenager… I can only imagine the difference it would have made to my life, especially during my school years. I lost count of number of times when red-faced I had to ask the school secretary to call my Mum because I’d had a leakage or that I couldn’t take part in P.E. for fear of a mishap – it was mortifying on all fronts that’s for sure.

Now, in my late 30s, as an adventure-loving woman who has given birth to 3 children, these pants give me the reassurance that blood, pee and any discharge will all be absorbed and that my normal bodily functions won’t hold me back from doing the things I love to do – I can be as wild and free as I want to without that niggling fear in the back of my mind or the discomfort of having to constantly wear a disposable liner.

If you’ve been thinking about these pants for a while now and still aren’t sure, go have a peruse of the Modibodi website, there’s a ton of super information, real-life stories and insight into why it’s a really worthwhile switchover. I could wax lyrical all day long about how great they are because I genuinely believe it to be true, and if you do decide to try them out, here’s a lovely little discount code especially for you to use at the checkout: NOPANICPERIOD15

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