Wild Living – The Mourne Mountains – Slieve Bearnagh

It felt beyond great to head to the Mournes recently for an early morning hike after more than three months away. I have missed those mountains like you would not believe. When I see them from a distance I sigh and say: ‘there’s my girls’ like they’re long-lost companions, because that’s genuinely how a feel about them, like they’re my friends. Call me weird if you want, I don’t care!

Anyway, I went down to meet a friend for a sunrise hike but alas a low-hanging mist lingered for the duration of our 5-hour adventure so we didn’t have the opportunity to witness the sun appear over the mountaintops in dazzling glory, but the early start meant we pretty much had the mountains to ourselves which is always such a treat. Breakfast and coffee on the summit of Slieve Bearnagh in the eerie misty stillness was blissful and a we were able to glimpse the beautiful scenery far below with a few short breaks in the clouds.

It felt so good to move my body once again in that rugged landscape and I could feel my inner wild self come alive with each footstep. It is the one place that I feel truly in touch with who I am, without noise and distraction vying for my attention. I feel all my senses enlivened, my stresses fall to the wayside, for a while at least, my creativity stirs and peace descends. It never ceases to amaze me how wild landscapes connect me to meaning and purpose – there’s so much remarkable power in the wild outdoors!

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