March’s Reading

March’s reads posing on top of our newly-created bug hotels!

I’m a little bit later than usual posting this but here it is anyway…the books I enjoyed reading during the month of March… Yes, there were only two books this month, but boy-oh-boy were they quality reads. Wilding by Isabella Tree is a well-known book by now if you’re remotely interested in nature and it has been on my ‘must-read’ list for quite some time now. It was well-worth the wait that’s for sure and I savoured the story Isabella tells of a huge ‘rewilding’ project at Knepp Estate in England. Isabella tells in glorious detail the journey of her and her husband, Charles Burrell, as they embark on the task of returning their vast estate of working farmland to nature – it is fascinating, insightful, humbling and beautiful and filled with so much hope for the restoration of our natural world with minimal human intervention. As you can guess, I highly recommend it!

The other brilliant book that I relished immersing myself in during the month of March was Grounded by Ruth Allen – it was the ideal book to curl up with as I continued ‘wintering’, not yet ready to emerge from my cosy cocoon! Grounded is filled with stunning photography and equally beautiful writing which is so down to earth and relatable making it so easy to read and enjoy. It is part memoir, part inspirational guide and nudge to connect and reconnect with nature for the multitude of benefits it has on body, mind and soul and also a call to care for our wonderful natural world. It is a fascinating read about developing a deep and meaningful relationship with nature and I connected so much with Ruth’s own experiences. A must-read!

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