Wild Living – Gorse Cordial

I love this time of year, when so much is springing to life and nature offers up some amazing treats that can boost our wellbeing. We’ve been enjoying lots of wild garlic (recipe is on the blog) and nettles recently and when I noticed that the hedgerows were abundant with gorse knew it was time to get some gorse cordial on the go! There’s something magical about those little bright yellow flowers that fills me with hope for the brighter, sunnier days ahead and this recipe could not be easier to make.

Gorse Cordial Recipe

3/4 big handfuls gorse flowers

600ml cold water

250g caster sugar

Zest of an orange

Juice of a lemon


1. Boil the sugar and water for 10 minutes

2. Remove from heat and add the gorse flowers, orange zest and lemon juice and stir

3. Leave to infuse overnight

4. Strain through a clean muslin and pour into a sterilised bottle. You will have about 500ml gorse syrup which you can dilute to taste or use in baking

5. Keep in the fridge once opened.

Note: as with all foraging, be sure to only take what you need and leave plenty behind.

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