Wild Living – A week of sunrises

Last week I was inspired by the #equinoxriseupcommunity and WanderWomen Scotland to get up each day to enjoy watching the sunrise as we made our way towards the Spring Equinox on Saturday.

I’m not what you would describe as a natural early riser but have over the years of being a Mum become used to getting up before my body really wants to! We’ve grown accustomed to slower mornings over the past year of on-off lockdown and rising with the sun hasn’t been all that easy, but with suggestions of school restarting it seemed like as good a time as any to get back into some sort of routine!

I enjoyed some local walks and also a couple of simple, quiet mornings in the garden as the sun hailed the beginning of a new day. Listening to the birdsong in the local park was so beautiful – such an awakening chorus that is so enlivening and uplifting. I felt really immersed in it all and a sense of peace washed over me each morning during what is a really stressful time for us all. It is definitely a brilliant and grounding way to start the day, filling me with a sense of calm and the thought that I could deal with what the day would bring.

On the mornings that I only ventured as far as my garden, accompanied by Kai our husky of course, I simply stood, coffee in hand, eyes closed, inhaling deeply and letting go of worry as the sun’s first rays crept over the horizon. The warmth on my eyelids was a lovely sensation and I loved being outdoors all alone listening to the sounds of a new day starting – there’s something so hopeful in that experience.

On Friday I suggested to my husband that we go for a little sunrise walk together and of course he was well up for it. We drove to Scrabo Tower and sipped coffee while the sun rose over Strangford Lough. There wasn’t a dazzling display of colour as it was fairly cloudy but the air was mild and it felt good to share the moment.

We lingered a while and gathered some gorse flowers from the abundant hedgerows and watched the adorable lambs frolicking in the fields before heading home for a day’s work on the allotment.

It was a great experience rising each day to see the sun come up. I found it not only beautiful aesthetically but also really supportive to my mental wellbeing during these challenging times. It grounded me and also lifted me up, inspired calm and gave rise to hope. Getting up a little earlier than usual is certainly worth it for the multitude of benefits!

One thought on “Wild Living – A week of sunrises

  1. Love this latest post beautiful pictures and to say tge least my favourite time of day sunrise looking forward to your next post love dad xx

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