Caught in the Arms of Nature on the Rooted Wings Blog

When the lovely Rachel from Rooted Wings invited me to write a guest blog post for her beautiful website I naturally jumped at the opportunity! The inspirational prompt that Rachel gave me was: ‘a moment in your life that was pivotal in launching, re-establishing or deepening your connection with nature’ – a topic I am so passionate about! I thought about what I wanted to write about for a long time and the more I pondered on it the more the theme of ‘motherhood’ kept swirling around in my mind…so, here is a link to the resulting article entitled ‘Caught in the Arms of Nature’ as featured on Rooted Wings: Caught in the Arms of Nature

2 thoughts on “Caught in the Arms of Nature on the Rooted Wings Blog

  1. Just read your latest post what a wonderful piece of writing cant believe its fifteen years since I drove to Coleraine to see my first grandchild just as he had been born and what a gracious and well mannered young man he has became as is the other two boys so proud of you Trevor and the boys
    Love dad x

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