Portraits from the Wild – with Mary Walsh from Wellderness

“I remember the moment. I was living in London, a relatively new mum juggling family life with what at the time I thought was my dream job. But the walls were closing in on me, some days I felt like I couldn’t breathe. One summer morning, I took my dog to Bushy Park early doors to avoid the worst heat of the day. As I strode through the wide open grassland I could feel the anxiety dissipate, evaporating into the clear blue sky. The penny dropped. I needed more outdoors, I needed to come back down to earth. Literally. I made a decision that time outdoors was no longer only for the weekends or the holidays, it had to be every day. And I had to take the time to enjoy it as a break from everything else. The result was that I was more focused at work, calmer at home and with greatly reduced anxiety. The physical space created the mental space I needed. Corporate-me was spending too much time at a desk. Real-me needed the fresh air to be able to function. A lot has changed since then. Location. Career. Life. Back in Northern Ireland, I have a bit more nature to embrace me every day. The principle is the same though, getting time outdoors every day makes life better and makes me a better human”.

You can follow Mary’s outdoor adventures and writing on Instagram and Facebook @ Wellderness.

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