Forager Adventure Hoodie from Foxberryonline.

One of the greatest adventures I have experienced over the past year has been exploring my own curiosity. Since I was a little girl I simply loved being outdoors & was forever out climbing trees, building dens, hopping over streams & arrived home most evenings during the summer holidays covered in scrapes, dirt & bruises, beaming from ear to ear no less! I also spent many, many hours tapping away on my typewriter (yes, I’m that old!), making up poems & stories about ponies & wild adventures.

Those 2 passions have stayed with me my whole life and over the past 12 months I’ve given myself permission to explore these passions & curiosities in more depth & what a year it has turned out to be! Wild Women Events has blossomed in a way I’d only ever dreamt of & is proving to be a wonderful, special adventure.

Isn’t it amazing what we can do when we let go of self-limiting beliefs & let ourselves give something a go, even if we make mistakes along the way or ‘fail’. Our inner child is a good indicator of what it is that lights us up. What is she/he whispering to you? What burns inside you that you wish you’d never given up or have always longed for? Go check that out! In the next season I am keen to explore further my love for writing. I’ve been blogging for over 5 years at Every Treasure but am keen to see what else this writing adventure has in store for me!

What are you curious about? What makes you feel alive? Do you dare give yourself permission to explore & go on a wild adventure even if it’s into the unknown?

If you’re keen to do some outdoorsy winter exploring check out my beautiful ‘Adventure’ Forager hoodie pictured above from foxberryonline. It is the snuggest thing ever…like a big warm hug…& we 100% all need more of those this year! If you would like to get one for yourself and bundle-up for crisp winter walks then you can avail of 10% off by using Kelly10 at the checkout (code can be used against all items except for Barbour).

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