Why is women supporting women so important to me…?

For a number of reasons…

As a child I was bullied for quite a prolonged period of time by 2 girls. It was never physical, always sneaky, nasty words that embedded themselves into my mind for many years to come. The scar tissue of words that leave you feeling ugly, not good enough, like you don’t belong anywhere can run deep & last a lifetime…holding you back, causing you to suppress desires & talents…to lay low, to try to be invisible & quiet. To tiptoe through life afraid to truly live…

As an adult I’ve been part of communities where women have dragged each other down in horrible ways & I’ve been part of communties that build each other up & I have seen first hand the range of ways in which women can destroy or support & I definitely know which I prefer being part of!

In my own heart & at the heart of Wild Women is a passion to recognise the beauty & power of nature in all its multi-faceted glory & while that includes the mountains & all the wonders of the outdoors it also includes seeing the unique qualities & amazing gifts that each woman has within her, even if she cannot see them for herself. No matter what you’ve been through, no matter what scars you bear, whether you’re quiet, quirky, pensive, giggly, shy, confident, a blend of extrovert & introvert, tall, short, happy, sad, broken, healing, strong or a mixture of it all (aren’t we all!!!) you are so welcome at Wild Women Events…you will be supported & encouraged by the experiences & the people that you meet & hopefully see how flippin brilliant you really are!!! Inclusivity is so important to me because I know what it is to stand on the fringes feeling like a loser weirdo, and I daresay we’ve all worn that t-shirt whatever our life journey…but when women come together there’s nothing quite like it for shredding those old t-shirts with their negative logos that no longer fit & learning to dance wild & free!!! (P.S. Nakedness optional – that metaphor went a bit awry!)


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