Wild Women Events said farewell to the summer hiking season at the end of August with an absolutely fabulous trek of Hen Mountain – such a great wee mountain with gorgeous views across farmland and the surrounding peaks.

The group met in the carpark and from the offset there was chat and laughter galore. I love it when this just happens so naturally and easily – always makes for a fun day in the hills!

Together we followed the trail to the base of the mountain and followed the steep climb along the sheep trails to the first viewpoint. Hen Mountain may be small but what it lacks in stature it certainly makes up for in photo opportunities! Every way you turn there is a new perspective to savour and despite the sharpness of the climb it’s by no means a long trek.

There was a definite icy chill in the air at the high points and we could definitely sense Autumn vibes on the way! I had to keep the group moving to make sure no one got too cold but we were so fortunate to be able to spend some time chilling out and chatting at the final torr before making our way down to the river for a rather chilly little paddle – very refreshing after a hike!

Check out these two gorgeous ladies – this is what I call mountain medicine...

They have known each other for 10 years but rarely get proper timeout for a chatter and a catch up. Here they are perched on the edge of Hen Mountain setting the world to rights, no rush, no pressing to-do’s! The rest of the group could easily have wandered off into the wilderness and these 2 girls would barely have batted an eyelid as they merrily shared some sacred time and space together. This sort of carving out of time is so important for personal wellbeing, by doing so we support ourselves and each other in so many deeply connected ways. Both of these wild women have joined my hikes several times and claim its keeping them sane and bringing them so much clarity in a busy and unusual time…that’s the magic of the mountains! Their laughter could be heard ringing for miles I’m sure and it was a beautiful thing to watch. How nice to enjoy some beautiful views and outdoor exercise with a good friend while making new connections too. I just love it!

Once dried off from our paddle in the river it was a quick jaunt back to the carpark where we were treated to cake and coffee by the river and the conversation and fun continued to flow. It really was a great day’s craic with an incredible group of awesome wild women! Thanks girls – what a super way to end the summer…!


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