A couple of days ago I had a bit of a wobble: self-doubt, fear, comparisonitis…when we get into that headspace it can oftentimes be a vicious downwards spiral. When I feel like that I have to dig into my toolkit & find the resources available to me that will lift me out of that negative mindset & back into the light. Yesterday I chose my 3 Ms…music, movement & mountains. I turned the tunes up loud & danced around like a wild thing with my son, allowing the motion & rhythm to loosen me up. I told my fitness coach I would be online at 6.30 for our group homeworkout (and in turn created accountability for myself as I knew she would lovingly check in with me if I was a no show). I also scheduled in some solo mountain time this morning so that I could go wander & get to grips with what was going on in my mind. I’m so grateful for these tools in my armoury, they’re not distraction devices: for me that would come in the form of scrolling, mindless eating & procrastination. The 3 Ms for me are restorative and nourishing: they are by no means a cure all but they certainly aid in bringing me back to a place of balance, liking myself & trusting my own intuition once again, knowing that I’ve zero to prove & a whole lot of joyful living to do. What helps you when you feel yourself slipping into thought patterns that drain you & leave you feeling less than?

Mountain views for the soul…

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