Wild Wednesday Midweek Wanders in the Mournes

I have been incredibly fortunate over the past few weeks to be able to host some spontaneous ‘Wild Wednesday Midweek Evening Wanders’ in the stunning Mourne Mountains.

The idea behind these is to be able to enjoy a Wild Women get-together during a shorter time-frame, to break up the working week by making ‘hump-day’ a ‘adventure in the hills day’ and at the same time avoid the weekend crowds.


We have been really lucky with the weather on the two Wednesdays that we have gathered so far. In typical Northern Ireland summer fashion it rained torrentially all-day on the days that I had scheduled the walks, but thankfully it ceased on both occasions and we were treated to spectacular views.

On the first Wednesday of these ‘pop-up’ events we took the Blue Lough Trail to Blue Lough and the Ben Crom Reservoir viewpoint and having walked in a mysterious mist for the duration of the trail couldn’t believe it when the skies became clear for us to appreciate the stunning vistas. The trek back to the carpark was accompanied by a little drizzle but we didn’t care in the slightest – it was a winning night of adventure in a beautiful rugged space which we shared only with the few sheep dotted along the trail!


On the second Wednesday I received a few enquiries asking if I was going to cancel as the rain was showing no sign of ceasing all across Northern Ireland for the duration of the day! But alas, I kept the faith, trusted the Met Office and was rewarded with the most majestic evening hike with a super bunch of Wild Women. We travelled along the Ott Trail to the Mourne Wall then followed it upwards to the summit of Slieve Loughshannagh. The resounding ‘wows!’ filled the still evening air as we neared the top and the girls were simply blown away by the scenery. The wispy clouds, the serene calm which is a rarity in the hills, the golden sunlight as the sun lowered in the sky, the views across to the taller peaks, Silent Valley and beyond – every which way we turned the views just seemed to stretch on forever and kept on giving. Such beauty. Such a feeling to experience something vey special as we paused for a cuppa and chat. What a way to spend a Wednesday evening!


If you like the sound of this the next Wild Wednesday Midweek Evening Wander will take place in the Mournes on Wednesday 12th August at 7pm – do get in touch if you would like to join us by emailing me at kelly.hargie@live.co.uk. The cost is £15pp which you can pay me via PayPal or bank transfer.


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