1. Fitter – let’s face it, moving is better for us than not moving. We were designed to wiggle, skip, hop, jump, run, shimmy, bounce, walk & be free! While you definitely don’t need to be fit to come on a walk with me, in coming along you will be moving forwards in your fitness goals!

2. Fuel – time outdoors with like-minded souls has been proven time & time again to benefit the body & mind. In joining my outdoor events you will be fuelled & refuelled for living life to the max. The benefits of time in nature are myriad so why not come along & find out for yourself how getting outdoors can fuel you for everyday life?

3. Freedom – where better than the hills, forests & beaches of our beautiful country to take some time-out for yourself? Creating headspace in our busy and noisy modern world has never been more essential for supporting our mental & physical wellbeing. You deserve some space to reflect, ponder, create, explore & just be.

4. Food – my wild days out aren’t only for the body & mind…they’re also for the tum! You will enjoy delicious snacks, treats and meals made with comfort & nourishment in mind. What can I say?! My love language is feeding people!

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