1. Fitness – you DO NOT need to be uber fit to join my adventures! There are options to choose from to suit your fitness level and my tailored trails are designed to inspire you not wipe you out!

2. Friends – Friends are good no doubt about that, but, you do not need to bring a friend along unless you really want to. The ethos at Wild Women Events is welcoming, warm and inclusive. You will feel super at ease on your own or with a chum and will certainly leave with new friendships!

3. Fair weather – While sunny day hikes are glorious and make for beautiful views and leisurely wandering…it can also get pretty uncomfortable when it’s too warm and also means carrying loads of water (which gets heavy!). Winter walks are some of my favourites because the light is gorgeous and the hills are less crowded. Win win

4. Flair – you definitely don’t need to be an artist or have any artistic flare to join the Wild Women Creatives events. These are fun and light-hearted days to inspire and relax. There’s seriously no pressure to create a masterpiece! And anyhow, have you seen what’s hanging in some museums these days…? Art is very subjective!

Visit the Wild Women Events Shop for details of upcoming events and tickets


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