A snow-covered Slemish Mountain

I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘comfort zones’ over the past few days. A couple of years ago following some major hurts & some health issues I had created for myself a very cosy little comfort zone. It was a place where I kept quiet, laid low, didn’t speak up when I should have, didn’t rock the boat, kept myself to myself, trusted few, played small…it worked alright for a while…& then it didn’t. Because in that place of ‘hiding’ & ‘being a nice girl’ I wasn’t living true to myself. I’m not big & bold & confident, but I’m also not shy & timid & lacking in ideas or passion or creativity. I had been burned & shaken, my self-worth trampled on & I was a little scared of ‘getting it wrong’ or being misunderstood or just plain weird. I guess it’s true that time is a patient & wonderful healer, but also, while in that no-woman’s-land of uncertainty, a little part of me, call it what you will: intuition, my inner mother, my wild woman, that still, small voice that we all recognise, held on so tight for me. Slowly, with gracious gentle nudges she softly urged me towards the boundaries I’d built around myself as a wall of protection but which were no longer serving me & suggested that I could again reach towards the light, it was ok for me to know joy. My comfort zone kept me safe for a while when I needed space to heal & 100% stepping outside those parameters was scary biscuits, but never, ever do I regret saying yes to the things that light me up from within. If you’re watching my Wild Women events from afar, I get that, I’ve done that so many times with things. If you like the look of it and fancy dipping your toes in, but have self-doubts, afraid you’re not enough, won’t fit in, I get it. I feel like I live in a perpetual state of stretchiness these days, but I would not trade that feeling for my comfort zone in a million years. Try saying yes to something that scares you a little bit but looks so attractive & appealing, step into your power, be brave and courageous. I’ll even hold your hand if you like!

Sporting my cosy Trek NI beanie on Slemish Mountain
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