One of our most favourite wild places to visit time and time again is Killard Nature Reserve. Located about a 20-minute drive from Downpatrick, it is a beautiful stretch of coastline featuring luscious meadow, sandy coves and rocky terrain rich for exploration.

No matter what time of year we visit Killard Nature Reserve, we are continually amazed by the gorgeous scenery and it is also a decent walk which earns us a picnic on Ballyhornan Strand afterwards!

If rugged coastlines, undisturbed views and uncrowded wild spaces are your thing then you’ll be seriously delighted with a trip to Killard Nature Reserve. It is easy to spend hours upon hours exploring the rock pools, which is always a hit with our kids – check out Yoda the starfish below – a recent discovery which was the highlight of the day of course!

The unusual rocky landscape is great to spend some time wandering across and be sure to take your camera if you enjoy taking pictures because the varied landscape and views are the photographer’s dream!

Take your time and you never know what you might spot during time spent on Killard’s unspoilt terrain – the perfect spot to get away from the noise and hustle of the day and daily and get a good dose of nature therapy.

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