I have recently launched my exciting, new ‘Wild Women Creatives’ project for 2020 with my first event scheduled for the 25th of January. Do you ever feel like you’re at a place in your life where you’re ready for change and challenge? Well that is totally how I am feeling as I prepare to step into this new season. It naturally comes with mixed feelings of joy, nervousness, anticipation, fear, excitement and vulnerability, but I am keeping busy with exciting and inspiring plans and trying not to dwell too much on the daunting aspect of embarking on a new route on an unmarked map!

So, what is Wild Women Creatives?

Wild Women Creatives is a monthly outdoor event with the theme of creativity at its core. Each month I will lead a group of women on an outdoor adventure that will inspire, energise, encourage and motivate. So far I have lined up hikes, wild swims, kayaking, yoga and a whole bunch of other wonderful activities that aim to bring like-minded women together to enjoy a time of fun and nourishment in an outdoor setting.

Who is Wild Women Creatives for?

Wild Women Creatives is for any woman who wants to experience more adventure in her life. It is for women who want to connect with the natural world, to take a deep breath and experience the many powerful soothing, uplifting, motivating and healing benefits of time spent in nature. It is for women who want to feel inspired to create art of any type, to inspire women to live more creatively and joyfully and for women who seek creative solutions in any aspect of their lives. I truly and wholeheartedly believe that nature and creativity are inextricably entwined and that any time spent outdoors can inspire all sorts of things – even the simple act of walking has been known to stoke the flame of creativity in writers, artists, thinkers, business leaders and people from all streams of life for centuries!

January’s Wild Women Creatives Event – The Living Mountain

On Saturday 25th January 2020 I am inviting women to join me for my first event which I have titled: ‘The Living Mountain’. The theme is inspired by a book of the same name, written by Scottish author and poet, Nan Shepherd, a pioneer in women’s hiking and mountain writing whose work I admire greatly. I invite you to join me for a guided hike in the glorious Mourne Mountains, where you will hear some of Nan Shepherd’s beautiful words read aloud. You will then enjoy a 3-course lunch – an informal time when we will gather to share food and chat.

I am really looking forward to meeting with a group of women who want to take some time out of the hustle and bustle of daily life to connect with themselves, other inspiring and encouraging women and to explore the great outdoors and their creative side – no matter how hidden it may be!

If you like the sound of any of my upcoming events and want to get involved please do get in touch – I would love to talk with you!

**The Living Mountain event costs £45 per ticket with £5 from each ticket sale donated to The Homeless Period Belfast**


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