Who says you can’t swim in the sea in Northern Ireland?! Once upon a time I might have agreed! Not only am I fairly new to swimming confidently but I also would have imagined the sea around this beautiful island of ours to be far too freezing to paddle in, never mind become fully submerged in! Funny how a few swimming lessons and plucking up some courage can alter perspective!Following a November-like day of heavy rain yesterday, the sun made a reappearance today meaning I had to make the most of it and go out and play! After a busy morning, a lunchtime walk and swim at Crawfordsburn beach was the perfect way to clear my head and get some exercise! I had the whole beach to myself and it really was idyllic to splash about for a little while, and it was surprisingly warm too! Here’s to seizing the small moments of freedom and fun in the everyday!

3 thoughts on “WILD SWIM

  1. Good for you Kelly more courage than I have can barely paddle in the sea let alone swim wee bit of time to yourself love dad x


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