Promises, promises…

How good are you at keeping a promise? I like to think I’m pretty true to my word and I try really hard not to let people down. If I say I am going to do something, I aim to deliver. Sure, I get it wrong from time to time…I’m only human after all!

However, one person I’m not particularly good at keeping my promises to is myself. I tell myself I’ll treat myself to a bath and early night or a good workout or that I’ll spend time reading a novel or something else that I know will be good for me in body and mind. Then something crops up…a chore ‘needs’ urgent attention or there’s meals to plan and prepare, school books to cover, laundry to wash, sort and put away. The list really is endless and often before too long the time and the opportunity to take some time for myself have vanished.

I made a vow to myself while in France this summer with my family that I would make more of an effort to do more of the things I love in my daily routine and not allow life to be consumed by work, work, work and no play. Because let’s face it, as much as a shiny clean bathroom is nice, no one is really going to look back on life and say “I’m so glad I spent all that time scrubbing”! It doesn’t even take that much to make me happy…good food, a walk in nature or time to work on a crafty project are some of the ways I create simple pleasures in my life.

So, today while the kids were all at school I enjoyed a super long walk in the rain with Kai, our 5-month old husky pup. Watching him I could learn a lot about how to live life well! He stops to smell flowers, study a snail, chases after leaves and generally looks around and takes it all in while wagging his fluffy husky tail, joy-filled at being outside exploring!

After school, still in the rain, my youngest son and I stopped in our local park to gather some elderberries for jam-making later in the week. It was a fun way to spend time with my son while he was also learning a little about foraging for “elderly berries” (his words!). And guess what…the house was still standing when we arrived home despite 2 oveflowing baskets of washing, dishes in the sink and muddy puppy paw prints patterning the floors! And, what is more, I feel heaps better not only for getting outdoors but also for honouring a promise I made to myself.

One thought on “Promises, promises…

  1. Time to yourself as a busy parent is a very scarce thing to find glad you kept your promise to yourself as we all need a wee break from our hectic life looking forward to your next post love dad x


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