I stood at the top of the ramp looking at the distance between me and terra firma. I was supposed to get down the ramp on a teeny-tiny BMX, right? (more details about that story later in the week!)

As I stood there trying desperately to look the picture of a cool, calm and collected BMX-chick while simultaneously drum up enough courage to launch myself down the ramp of doom, my 3 boys and husband looked on, encouraging me to ‘go for it’! If only I had as much faith in myself as they have in me, life would be a whole lot smoother than I make it at times! It wasn’t in actual reality a huge ramp, we’re talking first time on a BMX, beginner level here, but the point is it felt massive to me and what it offered was a different viewpoint, a whole new stance. I was seeing my physical surroundings from a completely new angle, and it felt good, albeit a little scary!

Today, after walking the boys to school, I decided to make the most of the crisp Autumn morning and extend my walk by taking the long route home. As I walked through my local park, past the duck pond and along a trail through the trees, squirrels all busy at at work, I thought back over the events of the weekend and about this concept of perspective I had touched on quite by accident.

The past few weeks have been really quite challenging. I’ve had some health issues to deal with while being knee deep in study material for my first assignment of my final module for my degree and my middle child has exams rapidly approaching. It has been a busy and testing time. We have been feeling in the thick of it – busy, tired and worried.

When faced with difficulties it is so easy to get caught up in them, to lose sight of the bigger picture, to wallow, and get lost in the ever-changing whirlwind of emotions and be consumed by worry.

I really didn’t feel much like hurtling head-first down a BMX ramp last Sunday morning, but I am immensely glad that I took the plunge. For not only did I face my fears and learn something new, but getting away from it all, having some daring family fun, followed by a long brisk walk and some good food together, I was able to reflect and look on our circumstances and some of the tough moments from a new angle.

As I leisurely strolled home this morning I enjoyed the simplicity of some time spent in nature, moving my body. My thoughts were able to unfurl smoothly rather than in a jumbled anxious avalanche of ‘must do’ or ‘need to’ and I felt contentment in all its glory. I realized that in allowing myself to step away from the challenges for a while, that I had everything that really matters to me in the grand scheme of things – family, friends, freedom. I just needed some perspective in order to take stock of that and to be reminded that I am so fortunate in so many ways and should be incredibly grateful for all that my life contains. Amazing what you can learn in the strangest of places, huh?

One thought on “PERSPECTIVE

  1. Another wonderful blog today I’ve said to you in the past and probably will again like the BMX if you take the big plunge you will achieve your goal and maybe surpass it looking forward to your next blog love dad x

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