I love all the different blog names out there in the blogosphere and the meanings behind them. Can you tell me how you decided on your blog name?

Our blog name was inspired by our love for outdoor adventures and by the fact that we had (when the blog launched) a 2-year old and a new born who we wanted to involve in our adventures. I had no idea at the time that anyone would even read the blog so in hindsight probably wish I’d picked a blog name with more longevity haha.  

Can you tell me a little bit about the focus/vision/ethos behind your blog?

Potty Adventures is all about inspiring families to get outside more. Long before we had kids I qualified as a Mountain Leader. Consequently, I spent lots of my free time in the mountains and around and on lakes. Sustaining this lifestyle and passion seemed a huge challenge to us when our kids arrived but we make it work and are all the better and happier for it. As such, we aim to share ideas, activities, hiking routes, wild camping tips etc. with other families so that they feel inclined to explore the great outdoors with their kids.

 Potty Adventures 5

 Who, or what inspired you to start out on your blogging adventure and how has the journey been so far?

By day I’m an English Teacher in a larger secondary school, so I’ve always had a passion for writing. When the kids came along I simply and honestly wanted a little area of the internet to document our family life. Writing about it and supplementing that writing with images and videos seemed a 21st Century thing to do. I wasn’t really expecting anyone but us to ever read it. 

How challenging is it to find the time to write good content with work and family commitments? Do you have a set time or day that you set aside specifically for blogging?

With such a demanding job and two even more demanding toddlers, fitting in the blog will always be a challenge. Fortunately, as I simply document the normal day-to-day stuff that we do as a family, whether that be camping trips, hikes  or backpacking adventures; I’m not doing anything that’s out of the ordinary to us. Consequently, our blog time is our normal family time and doesn’t really make any inroads into my actual free time. I’m very fortunate in that writing takes me next to no time. It’s more the social media side of things that keeps me busy. Although I do try to limit the amount of time I spend on social accounts I do enjoy the interaction.

 Potty Adventures 1

Which of your blog posts has attracted the most readers?

Definitely one of my most read posts is when our took our eldest, who was 3 at the time, wild hammock camping. Some people clearly thought I was crazy but we honestly had the best night – a proper father-son bonding experience. 

Hammock Camping in the Wild with a 3-Year Old

If a reader only has time to click on one blog post of yours which one would you recommend? 

I suppose a good blog post of mine that sums up my philosophy about getting kids outdoors is this one: Surviving Trips and Outdoor Expeditions with Other People’s Kids

It’s neither my favourite post, nor my most memorable experience; but it does sum up why I do what I do pretty well.

Potty Adventures 4 

How is 2018 unfolding so far and do you have any exciting plans or adventures planned?

2018 has been epic so far and just keeps getting better and better. I’ve led lots of exciting adventures already, such as a wild night in a cave to raise awareness for mental health charity Mind, and I’ll also the completing both the Anglesey Coastal Path and the West Highland Way long distance trails this year. I’m also currently training for my first ultra marathon, which has been a huge undertaking. Finally, I’ve been invited to speak and run activities at a number of festivals this year, which is amazing, including BBC Countryfile Live.

What would you say to anyone thinking about starting their own blog?

Do it for the right reasons. Do it because it’s enjoyable and it’ll give you something to reflect on. Know your worth and be brave enough to say no to companies and PRs who offer you money or freebies for things that in no way represent you. Basically stay true to yourself.  Focus and specialise on something you’re genuinely passionate and knowledgeable about, otherwise you risk being lost in amongst the white noise. Having a niche will set you apart but make sure you can live comfortably with that niche.

 Potty Adventures 2

What keeps you motivated in everyday life and in the blogging world?

With the danger of sounding more cheesy than a really cheesy thing from planet cheese, my wife and kids. If we didn’t enjoy our family time as much as we do there would be nothing to blog about. Simple.

How has blogging impacted your life? Has your outlook on the world changed? Has the way you live changed?

Blogging has only had a positive impact on my life. I’ve been afforded some amazing opportunities though the blog – things that I had no idea about when I published my first post. From speaking at major outdoor festivals and representing amazing brands and organisations that I loved before I started blogging, to being given the chance to explore places with the people closest to me in the world; I feel blessed to have got so far as I have in the blogging world. 

If you had to recommend one other blog that inspires or encourages you what would it be?

As an Ordnance Survey GetOutside Champion I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mel Nicholls, the GB Paralympic and adventure athlete. This woman epitomises inspiration and I’d urge anyone to check her out.

Mel Nicholls

Where can we find you on social media?

You can find me on:






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