With recent bursts of sunshine, longer days upon us and the end of the school year rapidly approaching our thoughts have inevitably turned to our summer plans when we will spend more time outdoors as family. I especially love this time of year, when I can fling open the patio doors in the morning and take my cuppa outside and begin the day listening to the birds chirp and enjoying some fresh air while dreaming about the carefree summer days just around the corner.

Over dinner this evening we had a bit of brainstorming session for the upcoming 30 Days Wild challenge which takes place every June to encourage more people to get outdoors each day during the month to enjoy some wild time. In our busy, modern world we definitely need to make space to get outside and breathe deep, to reconnect and savour our natural world and slow down a little bit so the challenge is a great way to turn our need for free wild time into a reality.

We took part in the challenge two years ago for the first time and it was a really fun way to enter the summer break already relaxed and feeling motivated to create space in the daily routine for some outdoor time, even if it’s only for a short while it’s totally worth it. I found that even just sitting outdoors after work for half an hour was so beneficial and helped me to relax and unwind my frazzled thoughts.

As we chatted tonight over dinner, we came up with some suggestions for our 30 Days Wild Challenge, which we will more than likely add to as new ideas pop into our heads. Here’s what we have come up with so far:


  1. Build a den in a forest. IMAG5216
  2. Sleep outdoors under the stars and see if we can spot constellations in the night sky, either in a tent or in a bivvy bag…even the back garden will do as a camping spot.
  3. Get up super-duper early to watch the sunrise and have an early morning picnic outside.
  4. Go for a long barefoot walk along a beach.
  5. Wild swim in a lake or a river.
  6. Build an insect hotel in the garden and spend time looking out as new neighbours move in!
  7. Grow a sunflower each – whose can grow the tallest? Everyone loves a little competition!
  8. Relax outdoors for an entire afternoon reading a good book. IMAG5058
  9. Organise a litter pick with friends or neighbours and go collect all the rubbish you can find in a local park or nearby beach.20170917_103733
  10. Create a wildflower patch in your garden for bees and butterflies – perhaps you can identify the species of butterfly you spot and log your findings with the Butterfly Conservation.IMAG4946
  11. Go foraging for wild food and cook a meal outdoors with your findings.
  12. Make stinky magic potions with mud and grass and any other icky bits and bobs lying about the garden…don’t forget to use a large stick to stir your cauldron of wiffy-wonder!
  13. Explore a brand new wild space and take photos from interesting angles.IMAG5121
  14. Hunt for animal tracks in a forest and see if you can identify who made them.
  15. Go for a really long bike ride. IMAG5094
  16. Do some outdoor crafts…you can paint stones or make a bird feeder even. Let your imagination run wild!



  1. You came up with some fab ideas. We are going to take up the challenge this year also – should be fun.


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