Five go canoeing

img_20161103_150942 A few weeks ago my husband announced via text that he had arranged for us to go canoeing as a family.

Not being a huge fan of water, I wasn’t terribly impressed but decided to show appreciation for the spontaneous gesture and be brave and give it a go. Plus, it would be great to try a new activity together as a family – right?


Fortunately the weather was on our side and as we kitted up and departed for Six Mile Water in County Antrim our excitement mounted in anticipation of our day spent on the river.

After  a few warm-up exercises and safety instructions our guide for the day took us on a fantastic trip down river towards Lough Neagh.The sun shone and the water was calm (thankfully, because I had to step in several times to dislodge our canoe from rocks!) and as we meandered leisurely down river I felt so relaxed and happy.


It was interesting to see Antrim town from a different perspective and so much fun to see the boys take charge of navigating their canoes. It’s hard work paddling, a great arm workout!

Apart from our youngest child having an unexpected trip overboard when Dad’s canoe flipped over whilst going over some rocks it was a smooth operation!


It was great to try something different together as a family and our trip down the river helped wash away some of my scarier memories from going canoeing at school (it was not fun then!). The  boys all slept for 12 hours solid that night and are all eager to go again and I have to admit I am too!





3 thoughts on “Five go canoeing

  1. Just updated myself with your blog 5 go canoeing great memories looks brilliant i know you all had a wonderful time keep up the blogging love the stories dad x

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