Tribal Wellness Retreat


I was delighted to attend a fantastic wellness retreat at the end of August this year, organised by Hollie from Tribal Fitness Belfast.

The 2-day event invited women of all ages and fitness levels to come together for a weekend of fitness, relaxation and food. I was a little anxious about attending, mainly because I wasn’t all that familiar with all the ladies attending and I knew I would be out of my comfort zone socially. I knew the exercise on the beach would challenge me too as it creates a higher impact workout. I need not have worried though…

From the moment I stepped out of the car, breathed in the sea air and looked across the Irish Sea which was remarkably calm I felt the nerves wash away and I flipped a switch in my mind to ‘positive mental attitude’ and headed inside to meet with all the other girls.


Hollie had unleashed her creative side and had created a calm haven for us to chill-out and chat or to just stare out at the majestic Causeway Coastline. She truly had attended to every detail, providing welcome treats of smoothie and lots of little nutritious nibbles. The tables were decorated with fresh flowers as well as colouring books and reading material all aimed at helping us to unwind.

Post-evening beach workout (which was indeed a challenge!) we regrouped for a delicious home-cooked meal followed by some time to chat among ourselves. It was really fun getting to know new people and laughter rung out as everyone endeavoured to engage. I’m not normally great in a large group so the small table set-up meant that we were only chatting in small numbers and this suited me perfectly!


As the sun set in Whitepark Bay we were treated to a candlelit flow class led by another Tribal Fitness instructor, Emily. It was so peaceful and again pushed me out of my comfort zone and into trying something new. And truly there was no better a location to take a deep breath, stretch and refocus my energies.


In the morning we braved the beach once more for another serious workout. We definitely earned our place at the breakfast table where we dined like queens. Not sure I’ve ever eaten so much-it was all super healthy and ever so scrumptious! Thanks Hollie-I’m so grateful that you express your love and care by feeding!


It’s been a few months now since the retreat in Whitepark Bay and I still smile when I look at the few snaps I captured whilst there. They are a gentle reminder to me that it is ‘okay’ to take some time out for myself, to seek peace and restoration and also to set myself new goals.


I returned home to my 3 boys and husband feeling positive and replenished. I was able to tackle the mammoth task of kitting 3 kids out for the new school year as well as beginning my next module with the Open University without stress or anxiety.

Above all I learnt that it is a good thing to treat myself with some kindness. Taking some time to do something I enjoy is of benefit not only to my mind and body but it in turn benefits my family in the long run as I am happier and re-energised so that I can put my all into our life together.


See for more information about bootcamp sessions and events.






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