30 Days Wild – Days 15-30


I haven’t been very good at keeping up to date with my blogging during 30 Days Wild but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been taking every opportunity to get outside. Some days it was full on adventure – exploring woods, climbing trees or taking long bike rides along the greenway. On other days it was snatching 5 minutes to go outside with a cup of coffee, but whichever way it worked out I found that every moment I spent in nature was valuable, restorative and rewarding.


One of the things I took notice of during the month of June is the way in which nature is relentless. Nature cannot be kept back, quite the opposite in fact. Leave a piece of earth untended, nature will sow seeds and bloom in that patch attracting a host of insects. Leave a building derelict long enough and nature will consume it and reclaim the space. Nature will work its way into nooks and crannies and manifest in an array of glorious colour and life. It is a force to be reckoned with!

I have enjoyed simple pleasures like walking barefoot on the cool grass in my garden. I have enjoyed water fights, feet painting, flower potting, bug hunting and lots of messy fun with my 3 children.

I have enjoyed silent moments watching the rain, the clouds, trees blowing in the wind – those precious moments have been cleansing during a busy time with work and end of term.

Now that the 30 Days Wild challenge has come to a close I don’t feel saddened that it has ended, I feel reassured that I have made changes in the way that my family approaches life. It is as natural for us to get on our wellies and coats and go for a stroll in the rain as it is to go play outside when it is sunny. A day without muddy hands and clothes is a boring day! Active travel, whether walking or cycling is now the norm for us and exploring, lifting up rocks, searching for bugs is part of life.

What I’ve learned is that it is the small, unplanned moments that are the most treasured. Like discovering an empty wild meadow to run in, or rescuing a stunned frog from the clutches of a naughty cat. We will be talking about our adventures for years to come I’m sure. The challenge has also made us think more carefully about our responsibility to care for the environment and our beautiful planet. We aim to shop thrifty, waste less, recycle more and be considerate in our choices. And in making these choices we feel that our lives have been enriched.


Let the wildness continue….


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