30 Days Wild – Day 7

The dark clouds moved in around lunchtime today; just on time for the school run! There were rumours of a thunderstorm but it never quite reached our area.


After school I helped my youngest son with his nature-inspired homework while listening to thunder rumbling in the distance. The past few days have been so hot and sunny and such sudden changes in the weather are a reminder of the power of nature.

Thankfully, the late afternoon turned out to be warm and dry and with 3 restless boys beginning to irritate one another we decided to hop on the bikes and take a gentle cycle along the Comber Greenway.


We ended up doing the 14-mile round trip with a few pauses to have a snack, enjoy the views across the rolling fields and to have a rest in a wild meadow for a few moments before continuing home for a late tea.

Once the boys were fed and watered I headed out for a 1-hour bootcamp session by the river and am now feeling exhausted but happy after my afternoon of outdoor activity!



One thought on “30 Days Wild – Day 7

  1. Fantastic. Isn’t life so much better when it’s sunny and dry? If only we could have a couple of months of sunshine (with rain overnight just to keep everything watered!) … well June to September ideally.


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