30 Days Wild – Days 3, 4 & 5

The glorious sunshine has continued over the weekend here in Northern Ireland so it’s been perfect weather for getting outside, enjoying some active travel and leisure time in the garden.

While the kids were at school on Friday I nipped to the shop on my bike but rather than take my usual journey I took the scenic route along the greenway near my home. It was lovely and peaceful and I enjoyed the exercise. The added bonus of taking the bike meant I could only buy what would fit in my panier so saved myself some money too!


I had to work on Saturday and when I arrived home we had some of my middle son’s friends round for a birthday sleepover. Thankfully it was a beautiful evening and we were able to let them play football in the garden and then we helped them to build a camp fire and toast marshmallows. They were all proud of their new bush craft skills and were so tired and full up that getting them into their sleeping bags wasn’t too difficult!

Sunday saw another warm day and with lots of visitors in and out all day to wish the birthday boy a special day we were fortunate enough to be able to spend the entire day outdoors – we had a water fight which then turned into a jumping in muddy puddles fest, we watched the insects busy at work in the garden, our oldest son went canoeing with some friends, we walked the dog and took  a bike ride through the local park which is in full bloom.

I am truly exhausted now from all the activity and fresh air and am about to kick back and relax with a nice glass of wine – the patio doors are still open and I can hear the birds chirping merrily. Nature really is everywhere if we pause long enough to hear it.


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