30 Days Wild – Day 2


The past few days have been gloriously hot and sunny here in Northern Ireland, making it very easy to get out and about. I am so grateful for some beautiful green spaces in and around Belfast that I can escape to for some peace and tranquility after leaving the kids to school.

With hubby away with work I had to endure the morning battles on my own and after saying our goodbyes at the school I was glad of some free time to go for a stroll through the wild meadows at Shaw’s Bridge.

I brought a flask of coffee with me and spent some time sitting under a tree admiring the luscious view over green fields while listening to the birds sing. Being a busy mum of three it is rare to get some time alone and an hour to rest and reflect surrounded by nature was the perfect way to recharge my batteries.

After school the homework was put on hold so that I could spend some time outside with my boys. I had an hour with the youngest before his brothers returned home so we gathered some materials and did some outdoor art which was really fun. He’s normally running about like a mad thing and practicing his ‘keepie-uppies’ so it was nice to see him slow down for a minute and explore the garden for things to use in his masterpiece.

When the others arrived home we cooled down with some ice-lollies before planting some wild seeds and re-potting a sunflower my oldest sun has grown from seed. It was great to get our hands dirty and to step back and allow them to get involved. We are hoping that our wild flowers will bloom with all this fab sunshine we are having and attract lots of insects and butterflies to come play in our garden!


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