30 Days Wild – Day 1


So, after returning from 3 fantastic days camping and hiking in the Mourne Mountains and enjoying the glorious view from our tent (pictured above) today we returned to the school and work routine physically exhausted but with joyful hearts.

We had taken the camping trip to celebrate the birthday of our youngest son as well as our 12-year wedding anniversary and had a super time climbing and bouldering as well as enjoying quality family time around the camp fire, toasting marshmallows and watching the stars – precious times.


Today (1 June) marks the beginning of the 30 Days Wild Challenge, a fun adventure for anyone who wants to get outdoors and reconnect with nature. Seeing as we were all so tired and I didn’t get home from work until late we decided to ease gently into the 30-day challenge with a game of barefoot football in the garden followed by supper al fresco.


We might live in the city, but as we chatted about our day, we could hear birds singing, see insects buzzing about the garden and generally just enjoyed spending some time together outside. There is something about eating outdoors that makes food taste even more delicious and it also made us feel as though our wonderful camping trip was continuing.


As I tidied up the bowls and spoons I listened as the kids continued to chatter and giggle and truly appreciated how fortunate I am to have such a lovely family to spend time with. Sometimes, it’s the simple little moments that make us smile the most. There was no pre-planning, no big agenda but still we all had fun together and everyone has gone to bed happy!


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