The Boy Who Biked The World by Alastair Humphreys



The Boy Who Biked The World was recommended to my son a few months ago, so when Santa delivered a signed copy of it for Christmas he was over the moon. Of course, I had to have sneak peek myself and I am so pleased that I did.

I follow Alastair on social media and read his blog posts regularly and I am stirred and inspired both by his own way of life and by the message he shares. Alastair is an adventure, a lover of the outdoors and is forever challenging himself. His approach to living life well and to the fullest is something that resonates deeply with me so I was extremely keen to check out The Boy Who Biked The World.

It is the story of young daydreamer, Tom, whose deepest passion is to be an explorer. One day, much to the great amusement of his classmates and his teacher, he decides that he is going to cycle around world. The laughter that follows his brave claim is all the motivation he needs to go home and pack all that he needs for his solo adventure.

We travel with Tom right from his front door, facing the physical ups and downs and the emotional highs and lows of his journey, learning cool facts and munching countless banana sandwiches along the way!

Following Tom, enduring the leg-throbbing uphill slogs, savouring the nights spent under magical starry skies, kindling numerous new friendships and seeing the majesty of nature and man-made wonders is both special and inspiring.

Here is a boy, driven only his own yearning to see ALL the world, even when the going gets tough, when his body is tired, his clothes stinky and homesickness creeps up on him, he continues on, another mile, another mile and another until all those miles add up to help him achieve his goal.

Written in a fun, light-hearted fashion, this book is easy to read and Tom’s perseverance and can-do attitude caused me to think ‘I could do that’… I only hope it has the same effect on my son, his own dream is to become a palaeontologist, to travel the world looking for fossils and dinosaur DNA!

The Boy Who Biked The World is essential reading for anyone who has a dream of living BIG, for those who want to make every moment count and for ordinary people everywhere ready to dive off a precipice into the extraordinary…

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Visit Alastair’s website to find out more.


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