Here’s to 2016…

Hi to all,

I hope you all had a fun-filled and relaxing Christmas! Mine was fun, noisy, messy and wonderful all wrapped up together in a perfect parcel of lovely memories made.

These few days between Christmas and the New Year are strange. Every year I feel I am sort of in limbo as I reflect on the year that has passed and anticipate the dawning of a new year full of possibilities and promise.

I have never been particularly good a making new year’s resolutions and am even worse at keeping them! However, as 2016 approaches I have been pondering what I want the year to mean for me personally.

Over the past week or so, the local news has held some tragic news. The sadness some families faced over the Christmas period just heart-breaking and a stark reminder of the fragile nature of this life we have been given. Nationally, there have been floods that have left families devastated and homeless during what should be a happy time of year. And, on a global scale, wars prevail, making the future something uncertain for all.

As I think upon the misfortune, loneliness, sadness and tragedy that is written about in the news on a daily basis it makes me more determined to live this life I have to the fullest, to seek the joyful moments in this crazy, beautiful, chaotic and majestic world.

In 2016 I want to:

Love my nearest and dearest to the best of my ability. To appreciate the wonderful people in my life. To hug often and say I love you frequently to my husband, children, family and friends. I am so lucky to have a life filled with so many interesting, smart, funny, kind individuals and I want them all to know it!

To pursue my own passions of writing, staying fit, reading, travel, cooking and to encourage others to chase their dreams also, in whatever form that may be. Do the things that make you happy. Don’t put them off until tomorrow! Live your life today, because it might be the only chance you get.

To work hard and play hard! All this lounging around over Christmas has exhausted me! It doesn’t suit my personality at all! I thrive when I’m busy and working hard, whether at home or in my job. A busy life energises me and motivates me to be more active and to live well. That’s not to say time out and a rest isn’t necessary from time to time, in fact it’s essential for revitalisation, but by working hard I find my energy levels are boosted and I want to do more, to live more!

To spend more time outdoors…. whatever the weather! Being cooped up indoors leaves me feeling grey, grey, grey…. spring and summer are my most happy times of year but I want to endeavour to get outside more regardless of the weather. Raincoat on…let’s enjoy this world.

To be grateful for all that I have every day.

How are you going to live in 2016? I’d love to hear about your plans…

Happy New Year!










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