Attitude of Gratitude Day 7

I expected something profound to happen today. I don’t know why…I suppose I just thought with it being the end of my week-long personal attitude of gratitude challenge that there would be some momentous event that would give me something really good to write about as a perfect conclusion… But that’s the thing… things for which we can be grateful for don’t have a conclusion. Life doesn’t wrap up neatly like the end of a novel.

Without sounding soppy, every sunrise that signals a new day is something to be grateful for. Each day, whatever you are doing, has things in it that you can appreciate. That’s the great thing about being alive….

Some things to be grateful for may be more obvious than others, but I am convinced that the small, fleeting moments which bring a smile to your face or make your heart dance are every bit as important.

For me personally, this week has had its challenges, but in the middle of the noise, the busyness, the routine and the ordinary there have been moments that sparkled, and as I’ve thought about the things that I am thankful for each day I’ve taken on board this attitude of gratitude and hope that it filters into my everyday life from now on. I’ve become aware of the things I take for granted, the things I no longer notice as being something to be thankful for. I’ve taken time to think about the people that enrich my life. I’ve become aware of the free time I have to do things that bring me joy.

I made a few notes in a jotter as I went about my day of things I was thankful for today:

*Waking up in a warm house, feeling safe and secure.

*Enough food to give my family breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and supper.

*My husband: today he took the children to school so that I could wash my hair. He is such a blessing to me and our children. He goes to work each day without complaint and provides for us all that we need. He listens, he plays, he chats, disciplines, takes kids to swimming and rugby and all their other hobbies, runs hot baths for me getting home from work, puts the bins out, gives the best hugs and always offers his support to whatever I try my hand at. He rocks!

*A washing machine to make sure there are clean clothes for my family.

*Strangers in the supermarket stopping for a chat, telling me my children are lovely and to enjoy every moment (how fitting).

*My children spontaneously telling me they love me.

*Funny stories they tell me from their day at school.

*Bedtime cuddles and stories.

*My mum and dad. Where to begin? They have always been there through the good times and the tough times. They are fun and wise and love their grandchildren so warmly it is beautiful to witness.

*Hot chocolate, fire lit, listening to ‘classic rock’ while writing Christmas cards with the kids for them to give their friends.

This list could probably go on because I don’t think it’s possible to run out of things to be grateful for. I hope you have enjoyed reading about the things I am thankful for in my life and that it inspires you to think about the riches you have in your own life. Thank-you for reading!


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