Attitude of Gratitude Day 4


I have felt weary all day today. Yesterday was draining even though I found reasons to be thankful in the middle of all the chaos of a noisy Sunday spent at home with my family. Work was challenging and I was glad to see 5 o’clock – home time!

On arriving home, the first thing I saw was my youngest son standing on a stool in the kitchen mixing eggs for an omelette, Dad at his side offering encouragement. It was a beautiful sight and so lovely to be asked what I would like in my omelette for tea. The veg had all been chopped and the look of pride on my little boy’s face made me feel so grateful to have a family to come home to, to feel cared for and to know that my boys are learning some important life skills.

Dinner cleared up, homework signed and a catch up chat led us to bedtime. I asked the boys to pick a story book and I would read to them, but they didn’t want me to read tonight. My feelings a little hurt, I said goodnight and left the room. I sat on the stairs thinking ‘that’s it, they’ve outgrown snuggly story time with mummy’. I guess that’s the way it goes. They’re all at school and have become independent readers. I am redundant!

As I sat and felt the sadness at the end of this chapter of my children’s lives, I heard my middle son begin to read out loud…..’ Listen to this….’ He read from his current novel ‘How to train your dragon’ by Cressida Cowell. His voice was clear and full of animation. He wasn’t just reading out loud, he was painting a picture with words, he was involved in the adventure. He paused to explain what a ‘Wodensfang’ is, playing teacher.

My feelings of rejection lifted as I realised that my sons had fallen in love with stories. That the years my husband and I have spent reading to them have laid a foundation for them to now delve into worlds of adventure all by themselves.

To share a story is special, words are magic, they transport us, lift us, nurture us and revitalize. When I’m tired, taking time to read a little energises me and helps put the world into perspective. So, sitting on the stairs listening to my sons sharing a wild tale of dragons and fire and excitement made my heart sing and I know it was their way of communicating ‘I love you’ because that’s what it meant when I read to them each night. I am sure I will get to read with them again, probably tomorrow! The rejection made me somewhat melodramatic in thinking it was the end of an era, but in the meantime I am going to enjoy listening to them reading aloud to one another.

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