Attitude of Gratitude Day 3


Today was noisy. In fact, noisy is an understatement. It was pure mayhem. I had really been looking forward to a cosy Sunday at home after a long week and the past few weekends we have been so busy. I had told the boys we would snuggle up, watch a DVD and spend some quality time together.

Sometimes though, things don’t go according to plan. The day started with kids sliding down the stairs in sleeping bags (I loved doing this as a kid, but for some reason I was convinced someone was going to break their neck so I wasn’t happy with it). What followed was a day of bickering, mess, chasing soaking wet cats around the house before they had a chance to curl up on the clean bedding, more bickering, more mayhem. It was madness and I was pushed to the verge of tears. This was NOT my ‘picture perfect’ Sunday. I wanted to escape, but it was cold and wet and windy and horrible outside – I was trapped!

We did eventually cuddle up together for a movie, while hubby prepared a Sunday roast (another reason to be thankful). My youngest curled in beside me on the sofa and I took a deep breath and reflected while we all enjoyed the first Christmas movie of the season.

As a looked at my three sons I came to realise that yes, while the noise and chaos were difficult and challenging, that listening to the arguments was exhausting, it means there is life in my home. It’s not perfect, I doubt it ever will be. We are all navigating our way in these relationships, brothers, mother-son, father-son, husband and wife.

The noise means we have things to share with each other, things to say, stories to tell, songs to belt out before hurtling ourselves downstairs in a sleeping bag!

The noise means my children are having fun, that they’re making up games, having an adventure together… yes sure, they wind each other up in the process as they learn how to put their ideas across and learn what it means to compromise and share. Valid lessons are being learned amid the noise. We are all here together sharing this noisy life and for that I am extremely grateful… shattered, but still proud that I have 3 sons full of energy and zeal for life.





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