Attitude of Gratitude Day 2


Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the evening with my beautiful sister. She came to stay overnight at my house along with her little boy. My extremely patient husband babysat all 4 kiddies while my sister and I got to go out for the evening.

We went to a comedy show in town, spent the entire evening laughing until tears were running down our faces and our ribs ached. It was so therapeutic! My sister is a single Mum, she works full-time and, looks after her home and her little boy to such a high standard and I have the most respect for her. She doesn’t get much time just to ‘let her hair down’ and unwind. It was lovely to watch her laugh, to see the stresses of the week just lift off her shoulders and float away.

When we got back to the house we tiptoed upstairs quietly to check on our boys, all the kids were cosy in bed and deep in dreamland. We got on our pyjamas, piled on the sofa with our blankets and had a good old chat. It was lovely to catch up, to reminisce and to just relax. Thank-you, Sister!

I am also grateful for my other ‘sisters’ in life – you know who you are! You girls with whom I can talk, laugh, be quiet or cry and know that I am loved and I am accepted!

Thank you to all the inspiring women I have in my life, for your support, your texts, your encouragement, empathy, words of wisdom, your energy, your enthusiasm, your general zany craziness, your creativity, strength, passion, commitment, honesty, smiles, hugs, warmth and overall amazingness! I love you all and am so grateful to have you in my life!


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